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Earn 50% Commission For Every Referral You Are Able To Sell.

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Frequent Questions

SharkAlgo will pay you out 50% commission per sale. It’s the highest commission in the industry and truly rewards you for your hard work, unlike the 20 or 25% garbage commissions other programs offer.

SharkAlgo is widely used, widely recognized, and widely trusted. We have loads of independent positive reviews and heavily tested by traders. The SharkAlgo team is proud of it’s stellar reputation.

A 90 Day cookie is what is used to track your sales. Example: Mike clicks your link on October 1st, but signs up 89 days later on December 29th. You will still earn your 50% commission for Mikes sale.

We offer 3 different payout options. You can be paid out VIA Paypal, Debit, or Crypto. This ensures that all of our affiliates get paid, regardless of restrictions to Paypal access.

Our affiliates who make and post their own content do tremendously well. Alternatively, you can repost our content to your socials and earn referrals that way. Simply copy and paste.

Yes. It is free and always will be free to be an affiliate. Simply register using the form above, and get started in minutes.