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The SharkAlgo Trading System

Advanced Trading Tool

Buy & Sell Signals

The core of the Shark Algorithm (SharkAlgo) is it’s buy and sell signals. Using a proven, proprietary algorithm, the system tracks all markets in real-time and will paint easy to follow buy and sell signals, directly on your charts. This is the foundation that the SharkAlgo system was built on. 

Split into two categories, you have smart signals and regular signals. Smart signals go with the trend for longer holds, meanwhile regular signals catch the smaller movements for scalpers.

Shark Dashboard

The SharkAlgo dashboard is an all in one solution. At a glance, you will get information about all the timeframes and the direction they are trending. 

The dashboard will show you market conditions, volume, current position, and price condition. When combined, these tools give you a powerful advantage when trading in todays markets. 

Take Profit & Stop Loss

The take profit and stop loss indicator is the next step in making more successful trades. When a signal comes, a suggested take profit and stop loss level will also appear.

It will show you the entry level. We have made it as easy as possible to open a trade, set your parameters, and let SharkAlgo do the rest. The Stop Loss zone will adjust in a “Trailing Stop Loss” method as the trade moves into the Take Profit Zones.